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Guaraná Antarctica

Now let's get to the point. What is guarana about? As far as we're concerned, it's mostly about Brazilian soda, and its flavor. Although we won't deny that taking guarana has some effects similar to those you can expect after taking caffeine, it is the exotic flavor that makes guarana sodas so interesting. The best brands deliver a fruity taste, aren't overloaded with sugar, and have a pleasant aftertaste.

Guarana sodas are becoming more popular outside Brazil. Until recently, there were just a few small companies around the globe importing original Brazilian guarana drinks, only to sell them to homesick Brazilians. Not anymore. One look in guarana-related newsgroups (or in our e-mail inbox) is enough to realize that guarana could be a major success in the USA and Europe. It already is, in fact, but availability is still limited. This will change, as PepsiCo started marketing 'Guarana Antarctica' soda (the most famous Brazilian brand) worldwide. The first step is already taken: Guarana Antarctica is now available in Portugal and Spain.

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