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If you want to have your company URL and information added to the 'products' or 'where to buy' pages, please send the URL, the name and e-mail address of your press contact, plus a description of your company to Inclusion in our links sections is free of charge.

If you have comments or general questions, you can drop us a mail at
Normally, you can expect an answer from us within 24 - 48 hours. No guarantees however, because:

  • We don't obsessively check our e-mail every couple of minutes,

  • Sometimes we don't have the answer at hand, and have to look it up for you,

  • We might not live in the same timezone as you do,

  • is maintained by volunteers - we have jobs, families, and such :-)

  • In spite of all our dedication, we sometimes go out for the weekend.

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